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Sky Villa Boutique Hotel, where every event is crafted with elegance and style. Explore our upcoming events and plan your unforgettable experiences with us.


Indulge your palate in a symphony of flavours with our handcrafted Restaurant Specials. Every dish is an exquisite blend of culinary artistry, using only the finest ingredients to create a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Discover our limited-time offerings and savour the exceptional at Sky Villa Boutique Hotel. Bon appétit!

opening hours:

Monday – Sunday : 8am -9pm

Breakfast : 8am – 11am

All Day Menu : 12pm – 9pm

Open on public holidays – Unless stated otherwise

To book your seat at our restaurant, email us at

Specials & Events

At Sky Villa Boutique Hotel, indulge in a range of curated experiences. Enjoy music for a harmonious backdrop, explore cultural richness during gallery nights, and savor exquisite wines with expert-led tastings. Sunset Serenades set a romantic tone, while casual movie nights offer entertainment in a stylish setting. Each activity is crafted to enhance your experience, making every moment at Sky Villa memorable and unique.

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